Main booking sheet. This sheet display reservation color coded based on it guarantee status, right click the mouse button and a pop up menu will be displayed from here you edit reservation etc. Right click on an empty space will give you the option to make a new reservation. The booking sheet is based upon a pencil and paper booking sheet most people are familiar with. You have the option to display the booking sheet in a horizontal or vertical grid

Items dialog. This dialog allows you to enter details on the items you have regardless of the type you could enter vehicles, lawn care equipment, tools etc.

Booking dialog. Enter details of your booking to create new bookings, rates will be automatically be entered although you have the option to override the rates at any time providing you with full flexibility.

Customer invoice. Invoices are maintained for each customer the program will use the item information to automtically calculate the charges. Products sold onsite can be added to the invoice and can be customized base on requirements. You even have the option to create a suplementary invoice if required.

Invoices. You can create and print the invoice using the build in template or design you own invoices using the familiar MS Word document file or RTF file format.