Elimination of bulky planning sheets

A pen and paper planning sheet even for a small rental company with a fleet of 10 to 20 vehicle be bulky moving from month to month is cumbersome. Rental planner planning sheet is based on the paper and pen system and can be printed out if require. This mean you could take a printed copy with you if you are not in the office.

Crystal clear information

On a click of a button you can bring up a reservation and obtain all the required information the customer name and details are kept for future use if so required.

Keep maintenance history record

Maintenance records can be kept for each vehicle, you can generate report so providing an addition tool in maintaining your vehicle fleet. also you are warned if maintenance is required when vehicles are returned by customers.

Great reduction of booking mistakes

You can prevent accidental double booking, further more color coding means you are aware of the guarantee status. This enables you to make the right decisions when required.

Automated letter or email confirmation

Print professional Confirmation Letters, Emails. Interface with you favorite word processor program. Guest details are used to send email or letter using a template which you can customize.

Financial control and reporting

Generate reports to review your income and tax payments, Arrival and departure report etc.

Customized data base export

Export your customer data so you can used in other programs. Data is exported in a comma delimited format accessible by programs such as Microsoft word, excel etc.